On-Demand Webcast
Transactional or Collaborative - What Do Planners Want From a Hotel Sales Call

On this special edition webcast, Knowland’s Jim VanDevender will speak with legendary influencer and pioneer, Bobby Badalamenti.

Bobby, now leading Bobby B. Consulting, LLC, has decades of experience in the hospitality industry, 22 of them with Siemens Corporation alone, building Siemens Event Management Services (SEMS), launching the company's first SMMP and lighting the industry on fire. She was selected twice as one of the top 20 Changemakers in the industry; was on the Business Travel News editorial board; has been featured in numerous industry articles and is a requested speaker at industry conferences.

In this not-to-be-missed webcast, you will learn:

  1. How to create a more successful initial connection with planners showing the planner you are not just “another cold call” 
  2. When you reach out to a planner, what should your voicemail and emails say
  3. When a planner calls a property or sends an eRFP, how should you approach the conversation