On-Demand Webcast
Think Like A Revenue Manager to Transform Your Group Business for Profitability

Guest Jennifer Hill, VP Client Solution with Kalibri Labs, joins us to discuss how to strategically transform your group business for profitability.

During this practical one-hour webcast, we take a page out of the revenue manager’s playbook and apply a higher level of scrutiny on group business, one designed to drive more revenue and profitability.

Walk away with answers to questions like:

  • How would your revenue or bottom-line change if you were to change how and where you source group business?
  • Are your on-property sales teams deployed for optimization?
  • Have you considered your source-of-business mix, is it optimized for revenue and profitability? Is it priming your repeat business as it should?
  • How can all the players in the revenue mix on-property collaborate to bolster outcomes and productivity?

 These are just some of the questions we will tackle in this must-attend webcast.


Jennifer Hill
VP, Client Solutions
Kalibri Labs
Kristi White
VP Product Development
Jim VanDevender
Executive Advisor
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