October 24, 2019
1:00 pm ET

This event is now over. You can download the on-demand recording here.

Guest Jennifer Hill, VP Client Solution with Kalibri Labs, joins us to discuss how to strategically transform your group business for profitability.

During this practical one-hour webcast, we take a page out of the revenue manager’s playbook and apply a higher level of scrutiny on group business, one designed to drive more revenue and profitability.

Walk away with answers to questions like:

  • How would your revenue or bottom-line change if you were to change how and where you source group business?
  • Are your on-property sales teams deployed for optimization?
  • Have you considered your source-of-business mix, is it optimized for revenue and profitability? Is it priming your repeat business as it should?
  • How can all the players in the revenue mix on-property collaborate to bolster outcomes and productivity?

 These are just some of the questions we will tackle in this must-attend webcast.


Jennifer Hill
VP, Client Solutions
Kalibri Labs
Kristi White
VP Product Development
Jim VanDevender
Executive Advisor
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