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Who says small meetings don't exist?

You just have to know where to hunt. And it starts with arming even the smallest of sales teams with the best tools.

Introducing the Knowland Small Hotel Package

Outsmart your competition and optimize your group revenue with the “right-fit” groups looking to meet at hotels like yours. With Knowland:

  • Proactively source over 450,000 “best-fit,” but hard to find, “Hidden Gem” accounts and start shifting share immediately.
  • Bolster your sales efforts with relevant information about past events to turn the cold call into a warm conversation.
  • Optimize revenue by booking group business sourced directly through Knowland over costly third-party sources.
  • Prospect into accounts that meet the criteria you set and therefore have the highest potential for conversion.
  • Engage planners before the RFP hits the streets to define the customers’ needs.
  • Broaden your scope by looking outside your market and your comp set.

Take advantage of our LIMITED-TIME INTRODUCTORY offer.
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